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Crucial first step in any project

Impressive Project Analysis Services

This most critical phase of the work answers all the questions critical to project success before the design process begins. What is the scope of the project, Who will own it and finance it, when is it required, what level of quality is required, what are the site issues?

When you have a large-scale design project, you need a partner that will fully understand your vision and act as your representative and oversee the many tasks involved in bringing your project to fruition. At Architecture For Health Inc, we have professional project management services that will take care of both the complex paperwork and making sure the construction goes to plan.

For us, project management translates to leading your project with the same care as if it was our own. This means taking full responsibility for every aspect of the construction and making sure that everyone working on the project are all on the same page. While it may be more than many architectural firms want to take on, we are happy to accept the challenge.

One of the keys to successful Architecture For Health Inc project management is open lines of communication. As the missing link between the owner and the individual teams tasked with various arms of the project, we'll be the informational hub to ensure that you have timely updates and new directives are effectively communicated.

The scope of our services also cover:

  • Zoning/Building Code Analysis
  • Medical Staffing Analysis
  • Architectural Space Programming & Functional Analysis
  • Analyze and meet with special regulation agency e.g. :(AAAHC, AAAAFS, SHPA, State Fire Marshall, etc.)
  • Conceptual Building Diagram
  • Project Budgeting
  • Project Scheduling
  • Review Project Analysis package with Owner


With a focus on regional architecture and construction, we're available to serve clients from the entire Southeast Region.


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